NFL Power Rankings Week 3 – 2014 season

So in my downtime, I’m a huge fan of the NFL, specifically the Arizona Cardinals. With that said, I need somewhere to throw up some Power Rankings and analysis, because no one I’ve surrounded myself with in my regular life actually wants to listen. So without further ado, my first “Power Ranking” for the NFL (starting late).

1.Broncos- The Broncos currently sit at 2-0, so at the top they can stay. Personally, I don’t like them at number one, simply because they’ve played two close games. One was against the formidable (presumably) Colts, but the other was against the declining Kansas City Chiefs (unless their week one mess was an isolated incident).

2.Bengals- This IS the BEST team in the AFC North. PERIOD. This team is so good, that their WEAKEST LINK is said to be their QUARTERBACK who actually plays DECENT FOOTBALL. The QB is the first issue you fix, then you move onto who protects him, then who runs for and catches for him. Once all of those spots are solidified, then you move back to stabilizing the QB again (a step that a team really shouldn’t need). Well Dalton got payed, and their 2-0 start is money well spent thus far.

3.Seahawks- This is the best HOME team in the NFL currently. HOME team. But guess what? You play eight games at HOME and eight games AWAY. Before they were Superbowl champs, they  were having issues with close games to subpar teams. The loss to the Chargers will either resurge the Hawks’ or prove as a statement that they are “Only Human” (as Christina Perri would put it.

4.Panthers-They suffocated a juggernaut offense with their defense, and played well enough with Cam getting back into the lineup. A well deserved 2-0, as they can even win with DEREK ANDERSON………

5.Cardinals- All this team does is win. You can remove as many key players as you’d like, but with Bruce Arians “next man up” mantra, they’ve been able to come out and look like a team that has legitimate potential to be dangerous. As it stands, they currently lead the NFC West, which is no tough feat. If Carson Palmer comes back into the lineup, look for this team to only get better and to keep winning.

6.Chargers- A close loss on the road to the Arizona Cardinals, followed by a HUGE HOME WIN against the former Superbowl champions. Don’t look now, but this Chargers team is a better team than many thought they could be.

7.Colts-This is BEFORE the Monday Night game with the Eagles. They lost a close one on the road to the Denver Broncos. The game started out much worse than the end score would

8.Lions- The best of the inconsistently best. With all of the offensive weapons the Lions possess, there is NO excuse to put up only seven points. But that’s what happened against the Panthers.

9.Bears- With a little bit of help from Colin Kaepernick, the Bears made a HUGE late comeback against the 49ers to spoil their home victory. This only helps to show how unpredictable the NFL truly can be. One week you lose at home to a team you should’ve been able to beat, next week you win on the road against a team you really should’ve lost to.

10.49ers- Their defense has shown a lot in recent games, and they haven’t needed their offense to do too much yet, except in the fourth quarter of their home opener against the Bears. Almost had the comeback, but on fourth down they couldn’t hold on.

11.Eagles- This is BEFORE the Monday Night game with the Colts. The only game I have to go off of, they showed the two teams they could be: Worse than the Jaguars and Better than the Jaguars. I normally wouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt, but I think this team is the best in their division, and they did put up 30+ points. So we’ll see.

12.Patriots- Having yet to play a home game, I wouldn’t worry about their first loss to a division rival. They returned to form against a team that had a great first week (granted they didn’t have to play the Vikings star RB).

13.Packers- Holy heck, this team out of the top ten. Yep, they earned it. They should just be happy with the fact that there QB can win games that are close. They shouldn’t have had as close of game to the NY Jets as they did. But thems the breaks. Maybe the Packers aren’t the great team many thought. Wouldn’t surprise me.

14.Falcons- This team is the measuring stick of the NFC South as a whole…. the division will be brutal, but will most likely be weaker as a whole. Their close win against the Saints, followed by their trouncing against the Bengals are early evidence of that.

15.Saints- Maybe the beads of sweat should start showing for Sean Payton and his Saints. 0-2 was NOT the expectation ANYONE had for the start of their season, including Falcons’ and Browns’ fans.

16.Bills- The second lowest ranked unbeaten team here. The reason: the history behind them isn’t a great one. If this team truly continues to be the team they’ve been throughout the first two games of the season, then they should crack the top ten really fast.

17.Dolphins- A win against the Patriots, and a loss against the Bills. Who are these Dophins? Who are those Bills? Who are those Patriots? This should be a fun and vicious rivalry cycle until one team truly establishes itself.

18.Jets- This team was a Mornhinweg away from a potential comeback. Thanks to the coach, a spectacular play that resulted in a TD for the Jets was wiped off the board. Rex Ryan, however, definitely made it clear that this team is the type of tema to do this stuff, so it shouldn’t be a surprise.

19.Browns- An (almost) comeback against the Steelers, and a HUGE upset against the Saints. This team can play, and they don’t even need Johnny Manziel to do it (although a package or three with him doesn’t hurt).

20.Ravens- At 1-1 having lost to a really good team, and having beaten an average- bad team. We’ll find out who the Ravens are in the coming weeks, and see if they can truly shed themselves of the embarrassing story-lines that have been surrounding their team (….Ray Rice…….. I said it………..).

21.Steelers- If not for some late game heroics, this team would be 0-2 because of the game to the Cleveland Browns. They should count their lucky stars they won that game, though, because if they play the way they played the Ravens, that may be one of their only wins in the near present.

22.Vikings- They got blown out by the Patriots without their best player. Now I’ll keep my opinions about the legal issues with Adrian Peterson to a minimal, and just say that for the time being the Vikings will be happy to have him back.

23.Cowboys- Will the real Tony Romo please stand up? Well, actually it’s not hard to win when you don’t have to ask your QB to do too much. Last week, the Cowboys were down early, which lead to disaster. This week, the Cowboys played conservatively and with a lead. That’s how this team will have to attempt to operate.

24.Titans- Are these Titans a good team or not? Well, here’s the NFL for you: this team beat the Chiefs at home, who almost beat the Broncos at home, who are currently ranked as my best team. BUT this team lost to the Cowboys at home, who lost to the 49ers at home in a horrible fashion, and the 49ers JUST lost to the Bears AT HOME with 3 INTs from Colin Kaepernick. So it’s actually really hard to determine how good this team will be, but week two wasn’t a good one for them.

25.Redskins- Here’s why the Redskins are where they are: I don’t know who’s playing. If Kirk Cousins is the guy they are going with I instantly give them +7 in these rankings, for that reason alone. And with RG3 out for awhile, it looks like they will go with him. The problem: it took an injury for them to go with Cousins, rather than him outperforming. We’ll see how he performs going forward.

26.Chiefs- A terrible game in week one, and a failed goal line play for the tying TD. This team looks exactly like they did last year, except without all of the excess hype. Are they on the decline or are they

27.Texans- It’s the team that beat the RG3skins and Raiders. So why no love? At 2-0 how can they be so low? Here’s why: it was the RG3skins and the Raiders. If they had beaten a Redskins team with Kirk, or some team that is actually ranked above them, they’d be higher. They did exactly what this spot says they’ve done. Next week they play the Giants, so here’s my promise: if it’s a close game, the winner will get spot number 27. If it is a good showing by one team, the team that wins will move up. Plain and simple,  doesn’t as for much.

28.Giants- Another 0-2 team, but this one actually has a chance to finish ahead of some of the teams in their division. They played the Arizona Cardinals who’ve had some key injuries, and were without their starting QB, and still found a way to lose. Four turnovers will do that to you.

29.Rams- Yeah, they’re 1-1, but I feel for them. They won in a horrid fashion, against a team that I have less faith in anyway. Too bad, their division will eat them alive if they can’t pick it up.

30.Buccaneers- I never had faith in them, and my pessimism is rewarded with another 0-2 team.

31.Jaguars- Two blowout losses, but against the Raiders, I’d take them. Heck, I had them beating the Redskins, but then the Skins’ had a blessing in disguise (except most analysts realize that Kirk Cousins is a better fit and, probably QB, than RG3).

32.Raiders- Two blowout losses. It’s not that hard to justify. Derek Carr, good luck. Wish you had a better team around you.

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